Be it a Multi-floor Commercial Complex or a Corporate Office, a Spacious Bungalow or a Designer Home, Dream Home or Office interior ambience, Kruti has what it takes to make it truly inimitable and transforms your dream into reality ensuring it is complete in all respects. "Brick and Mortar" is not all what Kruti is about, but restoring and beautifying nature is also given its due importance.

A complete solutions provider, Kruti undertakes responsibility for all design elements, including landscape, structured design, electrical, sanitary, and plumbing and fire protection services, lighting and voice network, compressed air and water and other production utility services. We also emphasize on water management and rain water harvesting.

Since a large section of Indians believe in Vastu Shastra, we also provide solutions based on the insights of this Indian science.

The reason why we call ourselves "The Total Building Solutions Company" is because of the range of Services we offer the clients. We also believes in the slogan "Right person for the Right Job" and deems that any specific client requirement can be fulfilled.

A brief overview of the Services we offer:

  • Architecture
  • Interior Designing
  • Civil Consultancy
  • Engineering Services
  • Space Planning
  • Landscaping